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The Men's Soccer World Cup is an event played by teams from around the world. It has been held by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association, in Brazil called the International Football Federation) since 1930. It takes place every four years, in countries chosen by the federation. It is the most important event in world football and moves crowds. It requires organization and investments on the part of the countries chosen as the headquarters and generates many businesses, mainly in the tourism area.

The tournament

The tournament lasts for several weeks. The competition to qualify as a World Cup team lasts longer. Many teams compete in regional qualifying tournaments over two years. Finally, 32 teams qualify to compete.

Teams are divided into groups of four. In the first round, each team plays against three other teams in its group. The top two teams in each group advance to the next round. In the next three rounds, the teams continue to be eliminated, until the final between two teams. The referees for the World Cup are chosen from lists presented by all national football associations.

The first champion

When assuming the presidency of FIFA in the late 1920s, the Frenchman Jules Rimet decided to create a championship that involved the teams of several countries. He chose the place to host the event: the city of Montevideo , Uruguay .

he dispute brought together thirteen teams, between July 13 and 30, 1930. Uruguay emerged champion and Argentina was runner-up. As a winner, Uruguay won the World Cup, made of gold . In 1946, the trophy was renamed Jules Rimet Cup.

The eighteen matches in the first World Cup were played in just three stadiums. This contrasts with the greatness of the championships that were to be held later. Currently, games are played in several cities in the host country.

Since its creation, the cup only stopped happening between 1938 and 1950, because of the Second World War .

Historical moments

Since 1930, nineteen World Cups have been played. Over the decades unforgettable moments have been recorded, and many players have made a name for their performance and sporting attitude. 

For Brazilian fans, there are at least two great historical moments: the defeat to Uruguay in 1950 and the title for the third time, 토토 at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, with one of the best teams of players ever assembled , according to the sports chronicle.

The Maracanã football stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, was built especially for the 1950 World Cup. Brazil would not only host the event, but was also a favorite to keep the cup. The final match, between Brazil and Uruguay, was tied at 1 to 1 near the end. Under the rules of the season, the tie would give Brazil the victory, but Uruguay scored one more goal and won 2-1.

In 1970, at the Mexico Cup, Pelé , Tostão, Gerson and Rivelino demonstrated unbeatable talent and technique. In the final between Brazil and Italy , the yellow-green team won by 4 to 1. Brazil thus won the first three-time championship in the history of the World Cup and also the definitive possession of the Jules Rimet Cup (the regulation created by Rimet gave the definitive possession) of the trophy to the country that won the cup three times). The party that the Mexican fans threw for the Brazilian victory is one of the most memorable records of enthusiasm for the so-called football-art. From 1974 onwards, the trophy given to the winning country of each cup was again called the World Cup.

The 2002 World Cup was the first in Asia . The South Korea and Japan shared the organization and responsibility of hosting the games.

In 2010, the cup was hosted in South Africa , where Spain won the title of champion for the first time. In 2014, the tournament was again held in Brazil

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