LeBron James as No. 2 NBA player of All-Time


A total of 4,374 players have appeared in at least one NBA game. How can anyone whittle that number down to the top 50?  스포츠토토365

Bleacher Report's Andy Bailey listed LeBron James as the No. 2 player of All-Time behind only Michael Jordan, who is still regarded by many as the GOAT ahead of LeBron. Of all the stats that LeBron has to his name, this may be the most staggering one that Bailey uncovered.

The NBA has showcased a wealth of talent over the course of 70-plus years. And even though a definitive top 50 is likely impossible to uncover, that won't prevent us from digging.

But even all of that isn't quite enough to give LeBron the No. 1 spot. Yet. Statistically, he may be the best. But he's not the greatest. That comes from winning.

LeBron deserves credit for his nine Finals appearances (eight straight), but the six Finals losses also have to be considered.

Rings shouldn't be the only factor in this debate. But when it's this close, stacking the 6-0 Finals record up against 3-6 is a fair tiebreaker.

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