Toto Introduction

Toto is a leisure game that predicts the result before a match is held in athletics and receives a refund by rank according to the result .

 The sports promotion voting right introduced in 2001 consists of a fixed refund rate method and a fixed odds method, of which the fixed refund rate method is called 'toto' and the fixed odds method is called 'proto'. In general, Toto is a sports betting game in which dividends are paid to purchasers who match the results of a game by selling voting rights to domestic and international athletics. Toto's type consists of a game of winning, losing and losing athletics, a scoring game of scoring and losing goals, a mixed game that combines them, and a special game of winning winners, rankings and scoring players. 토토사이트 Prototypes include a match-type game that selects only a few of the games in which you are confident and predicts the winning, no, and losing of the selected game, and a record-based game in which you can record a variety of games such as scores, scorers, and winners of specific games.

After Korea's 'Soccer Toto' was first released in October 2001 for soccer games, 'Basketball Toto' was added, and in April 2004, the National Sports Promotion Act was revised.  In addition to basketball, Toto can be issued for six sports such as baseball, golf, wrestling, and volleyball. It is also possible to issue Toto for foreign matches. The purchase price is 1,000 won per piece and the voting amount is limited to 100,000 won or less per person. If there is no winner, the next round will be carried over. Toto has restrictions on the purchase of youth, sports promotion voting rights issuers, trustees, business supervisors, athletes in the sports category to be issued, employees of coaches and sporting organizations, and organizers. Toto issuance is possible only from Sports Toto Co., Ltd. Except for the National Sports Promotion Corporation and trust providers, Toto issuing or similar acts cannot be performed. If you violate this, you will be sentenced to seven years in prison or fined up to 70 million won. The National Sports Promotion Fund, which was created in Toto, excluding customer refunds and business operation expenses, is used to build sports-related facilities, foster youth sports, support target sports organizations, and other cultural and sports projects.

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